I agree that type does not matter. I range from 2c-3b depending on length of hair and dew point.

But, I took my routine from a 4a and read th3 4a boards regularly for product hints.

I'm reposting another post here because I'm confused by porosity, and maybe mixing it up with coarse vs fine. I need help with that part.

OK, I'm going to have a thinking out loud post to try to guess my porosity.

My guess is somewhere between medium and low for most of my hair shaft (or maybe just medium), with high porosity on the ends.

I tend to run dry by nature, but my hair feels soft when well conditioned. There is always a smidge of coarseness, but it's only rough when I need to condition. It's not coarse the way I see with Asian hair stands, but it seems a little more coarse them medium textured hair.

On the strand test, I can't say it feels ruffled, but I do feel the parts in the straightened heir where it should bend. I can feel the straightened kinks, and I don't know if that is the same as ruffled.

I can suck up a moderate amount of conditoner, but I don't need half the bottle. With the exception of the last 4 inches, I do not like straight oils on my hair. It does nothing but sit there and feel hard and crunchy. On the ends, when applied over conditioner, oils can help my ends feel softer.

I hate protein, and I hate panthenol, regardless of season. Both build up and sit on my hair shaft, making it too thick and frizzy. I can take an occasional hit of keratin when my strand test tells me I need some protein, but all other proteins make me straw like and brittle. I can't take panthenol at all.

Color: I get a chemcial color done. It's red. It fades, and I'm not sure if it's my hair or just because reds do fade. WHile I feel the fade is a lot, my colorist usually comments that the fade isn't bad for a red.

Air drying. My ends dry quickly. The rest takes a few hours.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.