reading habits of late have been varied.

Looking for Anne of Green Gables is a good look at L.M. Montgomery and examining possible sources for the ideas in Anne.

Tracing the Trade (I think that's the title) it's a companion book to a PBS documentary about a family who looks for and confronts their past as descendants of one of America's major slave trading families. The book is a memoir of one of the people involved in the movie (a family member). It was really good.

In light of reading about L.M. Montgomery I'm revisiting the Anne series.

I'm also delving into young adult fiction. I plan on teaching high school so I want to check out the latest offerings to see what they're backgrounds might be. I just finished Avalon High by Meg Cabot on the recommendation of my librarian cousin and I really enjoyed it. I realized that my Cynthia Voigt references were flying over my nieces heads. (also sadly did my Superfudge and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing ones. Those are classics!)