Hi there I am so glad your haircut went well. I had a wet cut as well and oh my god she butchered my hair. I asked for about two inches off all over and I swear I think she just cut random bits of hair. Anyway I have thick hair thank god so I can hide it a bit till it grows back. However, I am back to the drawing board looking for a decent stylist who understands curly hair. I mean how hard can that be as far as I can tell BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE.
Maisiemugwump 3A

Mod CG

Low Poo Skin shop Dry Scalp shampoo and conditioner ..

Leave in Anita Grant Whipped Butter
Styling Boots Curl Creme, AVG ,CK Anita Grant Cafe Latte .

Wanting to try EVERYTHING lol ok Donna Marie Honey and Aloe Gel, KCCC, KCKT KBB leave in conditioner

Occasionally using Rhassoul Clay