I am sorry, but the first question in my opion should have been was your hair in a somewhat healthy state prior to starting the diet? If the answer is yes, then it has to be the chsnge in the foods that you are eating. Taking vitamins and such will not really help the hair to grow back if she remains on the diet that started the problem in the first place.

Congratulations on the weight loss, but with that weightloss you has experienced hairloss as well. That is because you have drastically changed nutrients that your hair was getting prior to your diet.

You should try stopping the diet and just starting a healthy eating routine. Loads of water, fresh fruits and veggies, fish, healthy cuts of chicken and red meat.

If you think about it this is really NOT a diest, but just a healthier way to eat. your weightloss may slowdown a bit until it is able to realize that this is what it wants and needs to operate properly and in the mean time your hair will start to grow back and return to the state that it was prior to the 'diet' that you did.

It took some time for your hair to realize that it was not getting the building blocks that it needed to stay healthy, so in the same instance it will take some time before your hair will be able to realize that what you are doing is a good thing for your hair.

Also, remember that you are starting from scratch. You will have to first repair before it will grow like it did in the past.
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