Where/how do you purchase MagSulfate?

And how about using spring water, like the gallons they sell at the grocery store?

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Hi - I tried making the FSG with tap water last week a few different times and it didn't do much at all for my hair. I started to wonder if the problem might be with my tap water, which is very soft. So, I bought a gallon of distilled water (99 cents at Target), and made it twice this weekend. That made a HUGE difference! This stuff is great! So, if you live in an area that has very soft water, you might want to try that!
Mostly 3A, some 3B/2C fine-med texture/med porosity/low density

wash: alternate co-washing with V05 & soap bars
Rinse out: Rotate TJ's N&S, AOHR, LVPNG, GVP K-Pak, CJ CA Daily Condish
ACV rinses 2x/wk (high pH water)
LI: if I use one, it's usually CJ CALI CJ H&B LI, or GDLI
Styling: FSG with AVG, AN, hemp seed oil & slippery elm (winter only), KCCC, CJ CCCC, CJ SG, CJ AFG, AOMM & BRHG

Currently experimenting w/DM Miracurls CG & MM