The water I use to make the Gelee comes straight from my tap, but we have numerous springs on our property, and no filtration system (never needed it! the water is oh so clear and cold!). Part of the miraculous nature of my FSG might be something as simple as the water I use and the mineral content of that water. It seems so simple, but yet it's a very large part of the equation. City water may have additives like chlorine and flouride that might offset the final result, and my well water is obviously unique in its makeup.
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I am riveted by this FSG discussion ... and it makes me want to try and make some too! Right now, I only have flaxseed meal so I will have to buy some seeds instead. I am going to pick up some bottled spring water too ....
2b/3a in Vancouver, Canada
loving my own homemade Satsuma scented agave spiked FSG
also the combo of Satsuma scented AOMM and Biolage Gelée

yup, I'm an unabashed PJ!
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