My curls are still here AND I'm on 2 different BC's right now...yes at the same time. Long story, my health isn't getting any better and it's just, it's horrible right now, BUT my curls have remained. So in addition to the Implanon which is progestin only, my doc now also has me on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. This stuff sucks, it makes me retain water and bloat soooooo badly, it's very discouraging. I was told to try it for 1 month to see if it fixes my "issue." So far it has not, and it looks like there may be another possible surgery soon for me (my first one wasn't even a year ago). I told my sister I'd finish this month out, even though I really want to stop taking this pill right now. I didn't have any weight retaining or gaining with the Implanon. The only plus of this Ortho is clearer skin, well, that's not really a main issue for me. So, my curls thus far have stuck around without me having to change products or my routine.