oh wait im in im in!! i want both!!
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*lol* Not a problem sweet pea! Check out my listing on the swap board and pick your options, then just PM me and we'll go from there! The brulee and butter aren't listed there (yet), but just remind me about them (if you need more butter, that is) and I'll take care of it.

I love you guys so much!

So, I got my FSG from BB a few days ago. I really like it!! It gives me great clumps and encourages tighter curls for me. I will get pics soon, and post them. Thanks BB!!
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You're welcome, Katina, but I should really be thanking you guys! I'm so glad to be able to share this finally. I'm just so glad it's working so well for everyone!

BSL/Mid Back, thick 3a/b

Botticelli Botanicals Meringue
Botticelli Botanicals Smoothie
Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd w/ double avocado oil and double agave
Botticelli Botanicals Lime in the Coconut Butter