Although I've been somewhat protein sensitive for a while, I think I'm needing some now. I'm planning on doing a GVP Reconstructing treatment but just wonder when in my henna cycle is the best time to do it - just before I henna, soon after I henna or somewhere in between henna treatments.

Any tips or ideas? Does the timing even matter?

Sorry if this has been discussed and I didn't find it in this super-long thread!
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Auntnett - Here is a link to a Q&A on Might answer your protein treatment question.
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Sorry, I somehow missed your answer, Mpgirl. Yeah, I had seen that thread, but it didn't really address this particular question, just made me wonder if I was wrong and didn't need protein after all. However, over a week after I did a treatment, my hair's still bouncin' and behavin' better. I did a henna/indigo gloss Sunday - one week after the protein treatment - with no ill effects at all. I mightn't have done a regular henna treatment quite that soon. . . . Thanks!
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