Redcelticcurls~ I looked at the link you posted. The Chicken Fried Chicken description had me CRACKING UP! I had to call my husband in here to read it to him! I love wordplay! For everyone who didn't read it:

Chicken Fried Chicken:
This comes straight from our Department of Redundency Department.

Hahahahahahaaaaaa! *End guano*
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Their sense if humor is great. With my bill, there was one of the cards that gather customer info. Instead of winning a free lunch, you win"an erotic animal balloon" or something like that.

They ask for email, but write legibly. They ask for a phone number, but only if you're hot. All kinds of funny. The menu descriptions do crack me up. The Britney Spears chicken strips looked pretty good, and I almost got those. But, bacon wins every time.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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