oh wow thanks. Maybe thats the reason why i chickened out the first time. Plus i had a really wacky dream last night about using it and i had horrible hair afterwards and i was crying, but ok, i'm not going to use it then. I told you i had to sleep on it! I'll just go ahead and order the pure and real thing. Thanks girls! As for brands what's the best kind. I've seen something about Rainbow brand and I think Jamilah or something. What are good sites to go to to order this because i would go straight to amazon.com and just start ordering whatever says henna lol. But please tell me your favorite brands. I'm ready to jump on this band wagon too
4a, OS Cottony, Spirals and Waves randomly scattered over my head
Check me out!! I have a fotki!!

Due to a serious hiatus and complete laziness (lol), my fotki albums are all locked. When im up to updating I'll have them opened for you all to view. Until then...no peeking Thanks!