Hi there,
I am so glad I found this forum. There are few reviews out there about liquid keratin. I purchased my kit and received it a week ago. I wanted to give my 2 cents about the product thus far. Being new to this site, I believe I am between a 3a/3b. I curl and straighten my hair. Mostly I have a frizz problem. I am a product junkey always looking for that magic product that will transform my hair. I was super excited when I read about Liquid Keratin.

Ok, so I followed the instructions to a T! Used a chi straightening iron, let it sit for 48 hours etc. The smell is similar to a spray tan - like how your skin smells while it develops. However, during the process, I didn't find it too bad.

Anyway, when I completed the straightening portion of the treatment, my hair looked like it never had before. The flyaways evenlaid flat. It looked like I had brazilian or south american type hair. It was beautiful. After the 48 hours, I neutralized my hair according to their instructions. I expected that I would have no more frizz. So I put in a very light styling product (on top of the leave in conditioner from the kit) by fekkai (anti-frizz cream). I expected my hair to dry in a nice wave without frizz. WRONG!!! Dissapointingly so. I kept touching it so perhaps I perpetuated the frizzing but still. So, I washed my hair again last night and put in my normal styling cream. Some of it waved, but the top layer still frizzed.

Overall, I expected different results than I have gotten. The top layer of my hair feels really dry too? I know the products states there is a cumulative effect on the hair. Do you have to do the treatment multiple times for it to give non-frizz results? Mind you, I have not yet blow dried my hair since the inital treatment. Perhaps that is a better way to determine the efficacy of the product.

I had not found many honest reviews out there and wanted to give one. By the way, there are a couple reviewers on here (who are new and have only posted on this topic) - beware of their possible biased reviews as they sound like marketers for the company. I will update with how it looks after trying to blow dry! I hope this helps someone