Well to me wavy is actually any S pattern at all and curls are ringlets and Os. Like Shirley Temple. So actually IMHO there are type 4s that are "wavies" (like my hair is actually just really little S shaped waves) and type 3s who I wouldn't call "curlies". And that's how I see it. One of the benefits of going natural and accepting my natural kinky texture is not having to be envious of anyone else's texture.

The whole kinky curly wavy thing is confusing. People are still trying to put their hair into a box they wish it belonged to becuase of this confusion. Not gonna point any fingers but there are still people with clear lovely kinks 4B straight up who are gonna insist they have some 3C hair. There are gonna be people who you might think are wavy who want to be called curly. There are people who think any texture whatsoever is "kinky" or "curly". Eh.
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And I'd like to add on to the bolded that one of the benefits of confident and serene self acceptance is also not feeling the need to bash or belittle other people's curl patterns in comparison to one's own, whatever those patterns may be - straight, wavy, loopy or kinky. When I see or hear someone doing that it seems pretty obvious they're only revealing the pathetic little insecurities their arrogance must be based in.

I'm just sayin'. Since we're being honest, and all.