to MG,
i use the T3 ionic wet/dry flat iron. i saw it demonstrated at a nordstrom store ( by a pretty hot male stylist, lol)and bought it. i am really happy with it.

like others of you posting on this product, i have never chemically str8tened or relaxed my hair, so when i saw the LK ad in InStyle and googled it, i found this blog, which i thnk is great! i have been reading about other products here but for right now, this is my fave! so i hope you gals find this info helpful!

one other product i SWEAR by is by Sorbie. Its called "curle form", and it is a really light spray in that defines curls without making them crunchy. it is DISCONTINUED (just my luck), so i tracked down 3 cases of the largest size and bought them from an online store. I spent $1000 on the stuff to make sure i dont run out!! if you find any out there, grab it! it is how i spritz up in between washes to regain the bounce. it is the BEST!