This is my first post - but I have visited this site many times in the past. I tried the LK last Friday - followed everything exactly - and my hair looked great without frizz directly after the treatment. After 48 hours and a wash and letting it dry naturally (which is what I usually do) my hair felt softer, slightly less curl and it just felt different - but I still had some frizz. I have 3 daughters and not one of them thought it looked any differently (and they are very honest and notice these things). So, I just blowed dried my hair (which I rarely do - my stylist can and it turns out great) ... and what a mess - I had to flat iron to make it smooth and not a frizz mess. That did work but the flat ironed worked on my hair before using the product. I was hoping this product would allow me to blow dry without having to use flat iron. Maybe I just need more applications ? I am going to see my stylist next week and I am not going to tell her that I used the product and see if she notices any difference in my hair. Oh, I also smelled the fake tan smell.