Why do we need to shampoo one last time before starting no-poo? I am confused by this...
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You use shampoo with sulfates in order to rid your hair of any silicones and product build-up. You must use a shampoo that contains sulfates but is free of silicones (anything ending in "xane and cone"). Here is a great website to check out: http://healthycurls.awardspace.com/cones.html

Has information about silicone and sulfate free products. Unfortunately, products that are available in the US aren't always the same in other countries. So I can't say if the product you are using are CG friendly or not in Korea. Pantene for the most part is not CG friendly is the US. So I would assume the same for Korea. Products like Sauve Naturals, VO5 and White Rain are CG friendly. Sauve is a great CG starter shampoo. These conditioners aren't as moisturizing as say Loreal Pro-vive nutrigloss. But great as a co-wash. Hope this helps. We're all here to help...keep asking!
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