I just used this recipe tonight - worked on the first try! BotticelliBabe, you rock.

Mine came out just a bit thicker and a bit yellower than how you describe yours. I used the most convenient flax seeds to my commute home tonight - a bag of seeds from the Vitamin Shoppe.

I scrunched a little water into my hair (nothing in it but Lustrasilk today) and tried it as soon as it was cool enough - results were encouraging. Really nice definition.

This was fun and really pretty fast, nowhere near 10 minutes.
3a on a good day - fine-thick, thirsty hair
Inverted bob, love but debating more length

Hair likes: very small amounts of shea butter to keep the ends neat, AVG, FSG, wheat protein
Hair dislikes: Glycerin, too much salt
SLS-free, occasional organic low-poo
Co-wash and leave-in: Suave Naturals

Products: FOTE, Nexxus Alluring Curls
Trying: homemade FSG, Lustrasilk Shea+Mango

Winter DT: In 4oz bottle: 2 tsp each EVOO/conditioner; pea-sized amount of shea; eighth-tsp of mag-sulfate; fill with FOTE.