Thanks for that tip, I'll remember to use less. I plan to use the agave with some Chai Redbush tea for my Jamila henna mix, it already has clove, ginger, cardamon, etc. in it. So I'm hoping those spices will help with the smell. : )
Hair Inspirations: My Lil Sis/MIKA/Vashtie Kola
3b/ texture
Wash: Desert Essence Red Raspberry

Condish: BellaCurl Condish

Leave-in: BellaCurl Elixir
Style: Giovanni LA Natural Gel or KMF UM Gel/BC Gellie/SS Emollience
DT: SS Deeply Decadent
Bella Curl
Color: Jamila Henna

"...there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness..."-Ghandi