Ok..and hour later after I re-run my flat iron, and was raving about the great result, my hair puffed up. i thing the fact that I used my Flat Iron to the max made the hair sooooo straight.
Hair was still soft to the touch, but it looked like very dry relaxed hair. This morning I did step 3 "Neutralize".
Hair is soft, did not have to put gel any other product for my curls, the curls formed well, exept some strands that looked like if I over relaxed them (maybe due to the heat of the flat iron?)

I emailed some of your questions to customer service after they told me I was the FIRST negative case they ever had, and I thought this could help and interest you all:


Please find the answers to your questions below:

Can I skip the Blow dryer, let it air dry and THEN Flat Iron it using my MaxiGlide Flat Iron?

I would not recommend skipping the blow dryer stage. It is important for the hair to be completely dry. The heat of the blow dryer starts activating the Liquid Keratin and the brushing helps to distribute the product and straighten the hair. I would recommend using a non-steam based iron. Since the maxiglide use steam, it could interfere with the results of the treatment.

Can we use a light hair serum if we don't have your Liquid Keratin Serum at the moment?

The Liquid Keratin Sealing Shine has been tested to help prolong the effects of the Treatment. There are so many different Serums with various ingredients that it is very difficult to say what will help and what will diminish the results of the treatment.

Color Treated Hair?

Liquid Keratin is safe to use on color treated hair. However, as with all hair treatments, we recommend performing a strand test in a discreet location prior to application, particularly if you have bleached or chemically colored/altered hair. For best results, apply the Liquid Keratin treatment 1 - 2 weeks prior to your color treatment.

Can I spray it on dry hair after the full treatment and flat iron over it again and/or roller set?

Yes,Liquid Keratin can be used as often as you like during regular styling and in between full treatments. Liquid Keratin has cumulative benefits. We do recommend, however, performing a full treatment every 4 - 6 weeks or when you feel your hair can use it.

I hope this helps.

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I sent another email thi smorning asking them if I should do the treatment one more time, they said that instead of doing the entire Step 3, only use the shampoo and apply the Liquid Keratin agai. To late cause teh first thing I did this morning was follow Step 3 to the T, in hopes of a better hair day. I will have to start all over again.

Girls, every head is diffrent, what might not work for ME migh tworks wonder for YOU. So I don't want to discourage anyone from using this product. IT is a great product, because at least I notice the softness of my hair, that means something is working, right?
I read so many wonderful reviews, i can't give up on this one.