I've only ever been to the WF here in Madison, WI so I don't know about bigger cities. Here, the parking is a nightmare, the aisles are very narrow and I'm not sure what kind of logic is used in arranging food. I think it's the "make you run around like a headless chicken & buy a little of everything" logic.

Weird product placement like breakfast bars are not in the cereal aisle, but in the chocoate/cookie/cracker aisle. ? Health bars on the other hand are in the tea/fruit juice aisle. Coconut oil is in the cosmetic oil aisle, the hair care aisle, AND in the cooking oil aisle. Cheese is scattered everywhere...in fresh produce, bread, and of course the cheese area. I've never seen honey anywhere, but I get fed up at WF really quickly! We have a lot of local honey producers and I get it elsewhere. I have searched WF extensively for coconut milk, no joy. Their selection of "ethnic foods" here isn't too hot.

Sometimes WF has good sales on natural cosmetic brands like J/A/S/O/N and Nature's Gate.

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