Woody, I can't speak for Koukla, but I will say that I took her post, not as an attack on you or others, but as a word of caution. In the past, there have been brand new posters who showed up just to give "personal" reviews of a brand new product and it eventually became apparent that that poster was from the company involved. As I said above, I came to NC.com looking for info on straightening my hair, so I imagine others find the sight that way too. Please don't be offended, I think that Koukla, I and others, just don't want any one to get burned (or their hair!) by the occasional poster who isn't really here to share their personal, rather than professional, interests. I'll look forward to seeing your honest experiences in the future.

eta: I do appreciate the reminders to be cautious, Koukla, not just of new posters, but any new product. Hair straighterers have a history of being damaging.
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I totally agree with the above quote. Thanks also to Koukla for looking out & I agree with almost all she wrote, but also agree with what Curlybrunette5 wrote "perhaps it could've been stated in a little less offensive manner", but nonetheless she did get to the point & stated almost exactly what I'm sure many of us were trying to get across regarding one time posters, no offensive intended to those that are truly genuine.

Curlybrunette5, I'm happy to hear you had good results with this. Please continue to keep us updated as I'm still interested in product. Thanks
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