Ahh! I thought it was only me! I have ringlet-y hair...3a, 3b and a bit of 3c underneathe. A friend of mine has BEAUTIFUL 2a wavy hair. She has that type of hair that you can do anything with: it holds a curl beautifully, you can flat iron it stick straight in a minute and it stays, it never gets dry or puffy, etc. She used to always argue with me and tell me her hair was so curly and frizzy and I had nothing to complain about. It used to frusterate me so much! She did not know the meaning of "frizz!" Magazines drive me nuts to when they have "curly" hair advice (which, do you notice is always the same?) but show a picture of a straight-haired actress with hair that's clearly been curled by a curling iron.

People are still trying to put their hair into a box they wish it belonged to becuase of this confusion.
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Hair in a box? Nice imagery

What is a curl?
A curl is a ringlet, springlet or wave
a curl is wary, scary and brave
A curl is proud, a curl is flowing
A curl is thriving and always growing

This silly poem written for you by lazykerri.
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That is too cute!
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

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