Oooh! This is so exciting! I made some FSG today myself. Boiled 1/4 cup flaxseeds with one cup bottled water. When it got to the consistency I liked, I strained it into a measuring cup and added 1 tsp dead sea salt, a squirt of agave nectar and satsuma essential oil. I used it in my hair after Suave Coconut as a leave in, pixie diffused a bit and left it to air dry the rest of the way. No frizzies, nice hold and great curl formation. Thank you so much to all the concoction goddesses!

Day two - absolutely fabulous! Spritzed with water and smoothed and was good to go this am and it's late afternoon and it still looks great.
2b/3a in Vancouver, Canada
loving my own homemade Satsuma scented agave spiked FSG
also the combo of Satsuma scented AOMM and Biolage Gelée

yup, I'm an unabashed PJ!
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