So I read all of the replys and still thought I would take a chance. I bought the kit at Ulta last Friday night and did the treatment Saturday morning. I did everything just as the instructions listed and after straightening my hair looked and felt very nice. It felt really soft and looked very shiny (the color did lighten slightly). I waited until Monday morning to wash and used the products that came in the kit.

I blowdried my hair and honestly I don't think it made any difference - it even seems a little "poofier". I have not flat ironed it yet so I don't know if that would make a difference. But the reason I bought it was to be able to blow dry and not have the frizz - if i wanted to flat iron I never would have bought it. Since I bought it at Ulta I'm hoping they will take it back and refund my money.

Figures too good to be true.