Sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel. What they will tell you is that since you did not flat iron you did not see the results....the sad part is that after you flat iron with such a high level heat as they recommend (450-480) your hair will look "faaaaaaabulously flat" for an hour or 2. Then you realize that you are destroying your hair, when you see the damage days later, like happened with me.
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AphroDiva, I'm so sorry to hear what happened with your hair. I read your post in the transition thread. Maybe you don't have to totally cut your hair just yet. I would suggest you continue babying your hair with some deep moisture treatments and/or olive oil, coconut oil, etc. treatments and giving it a few days or weeks before deciding to cut it completely - it may just come back to healthy after some TLC, try hanging in there. Please keep us updated.
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