Curly hair and learning to self feed does present a challenge doesn't it?

If you haven't already, try drenching her hair with conditioner as soon as you get her in the tub. Leave it in while she plays. It will soften the food, etc in her hair and make it easier to get it out later.

It's what I do with my 2 year old curly. I put him in the tub, wet his hair, and cover his head with conditioner. I leave it on until I'm almost ready to get him out. Then I use my fingers to scrub and "comb" the food bits out. Once I'm fairly sure everything is at least loosened up, then I give him a quick rinse and pull him out.

Suave tropical coconut has good slip to it and seems to do a good job of loosening even dried on spaghetti sauce. I do sometimes have to scrub his scalp a bit with my fingers though if he's really done a job on himself.
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