Ok, I'm on the fence. Like some others, my hair looked great with the treatment product in. It was super straight and shiny...it looked like naturally straight hair, not flat ironed curly hair. It also felt wonderful. I washed it Sunday night to "neutralize." Their shampoo and condish is just ok. I missed the richness of my B2B Pom or Biolage. I used their leave-in (which I actually love...my hair still smells so good from it) and a little Moisture Block (I checked ingredients...MB consists of only 2 ingredients both of which are pure silicones and both of those are in LP's serum so it's safe). I defused it for a little while to see it it would be wavy, but I do confess, it was late and I had to work the next morning, so I went to bed with damp hair which doesn't exactly help make you hair look nice. However, as I was drying my hair it didn't look that much different than it normally does. The curl really wasn't any looser. I flat ironed the next day, and my hair seems really greasy. It's weird...I normally do not have greasy hair. I don't know if it's because I used the shampoo too sparingly because they don't give you a lot and I wanted it to last more than 1 was or what? My hair doesn't look particularly special. It's straight, but it's normally straight when I use my Maxiglide. The only big difference I notice is it smells really good. Normally it just smells like flat-iron which I dont' care for, but the leave-in that I sprayed in BEFORE I ironed, is still strong and I find myself sniffing my hair all the time. hehe. It smells so clean and pretty.

So ladies, bottom line, I probably will use the rest of the treatment I have and give it another chance (I have more about a 1/2 bottle), but I doubt I'd ever buy it again. I didn't hate it, but it definitely doesn't justify the big price tag. I may continue buying their leave-in though. I'm going to wash it again tonite (this time using more shampoo) and try blow drying it straight again, as that was were I saw the big difference I saw to begin with and see what happens. I also just really hate that if I continue using this, I can't use all my products that I've already paid for. I don't want to go out and spend $50 on their shampoo and condish.
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok