I have a call into our doctor, but sometimes I find personal experiences just as helpful...
So, my 13 yo DD has migraines. At this point, she's taking Imitrex (50mg dosage.) We (DH and I) are trying to pinpoint any triggers to help avoid the situation, if possible.

I've read that various food, as well as weather changes, may be culprits. If you get migraines triggered by food, what is the timeframe btw. eating and the onset of the migraine? DD had pizza and a hotdog for dinner Monday night (leftover night) about 6:30. The migraine hit about 9:30. With 3 hours btw., could there be a connection? What I've seen says more like 20-25 minutes.

Also, weather changes. Monday we were experiencing SoCal's Santa Ana winds. Major winds with very warm temps (80s.) The winds are gone now, but she's still got the headache. Obviously, we can't control the weather, but if it turns out to be a trigger, we can be ready to deal, I guess.