Wow, this is why I posted the question here, the curlies are a wealth of information. Thanks to all.

I am now very suspicious of the hotdog and the deli meat and cheese. She has the deli less frequently than the hotdog, I don't know if that factors in.

The latte was made with instant decaf, hot water, milk,vanilla extract and regular sugar. (could the extract be a problem?)

Apparently, she had a couple sips of Sprite earlier in the day. (Experiment in Science and my genius and her lab partner mixed us the Sprite and water cups. I guess the bubbles weren't enough to be sure which was Sprite?)

Dehydration is always a possibility. We're always suggesting both girls drink more water, but that's hard during the school day. (ugh to school water fountains and they lose water bottles, plus middle school bathrooms are nasty...)

Puberty has been rough on this girl! Epilepsy last winter, migraines this year. At 13 1/2 she hasn't even started getting her period. What will be next?

Thanks again for all the imput.