personally, i don't think that newborns' and infants' hair needs anything more than a mild shampoo and a natural oil.

here is a product that we used on our babies:

i wasn't impressed with their conditioner, and the detangling spray was wretched on my babies' 3c-4a curls and waves.

the great thing about this product is that it doubles as a bath wash. so you can put a squirt into your baby's wash basin and cleanse her from head to toe.

i only bathed our infants about twice a week. on the in-between days, i sponged them down from head to toe on the changing table or our bed with a bowl of warm water and a drop or two of baby wash. i only used literally a couple of drops of the california baby wash to sponge, bathe, and shampoo them. i didn't want a burst of lather, just enough product to soften the water and cut the oil and debris on their scalp, hair, and skin. at three months, they aren't getting that dirty that they'd need to be emersed in a froth of lather. that would be too drying to their skin, no matter how mild or natural the product.

and i used sweet almond oil to condition the ends of their hair and also soothe dry cradle cap patches on our daughter's scalp. it is a natural, odorless, light oil that we used the same way people use johnson's baby oil. after a bath, i massaged the oil onto their whole bodies. this oil was great at keeping their bottoms diaper-rash-free.

hope this helps.
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