Ok girls, this is great news! My friend who also had the treatment done with very bad results as well tried the treatment again, and it came out looking great! And extremely shiny!
We figured out the PH balance on your hair has a LOT to do with the results. WE have been doing vinegar rinses to seal the cuticle, remove all residue gunk on our hair and give the destroyed hair at least a little hope.
I notice my damaged hair is coming back to life again, little bu little.
But my friend upset about the fact that she spent so much money on the treatment and ALL the product line that came with it wanted to try the treatment again. This time she left her hair air dry after applying the products, she did not put that excessive heath that is suggested, she used her flat iron on medium heat. And the hair came out looking great!
So I thing a vinegar Rinse would be a great way to prepare your hair for the LK treatment.
Me, I wont mess with my hair for a couple of weeks until I recover from such awful damage.
But at least I know that it might have been our PH balance, or the fact that the vinegar remove all that build up from the hair, and who knows how much build up from other products used before I had on my hair.