What is the point of getting it done? If you hair is going to grow back it's natural texture, why not use a cheaper method such a relaxer (just leave it is in for less time if type 3)? I mean why spend hundreds or a thousand dollars if in 6 weeks you're gonna have wavy/curly roots?
type: 4ab, fine strands, very dense, dry
natural: october 2000 - november 2006, october 2007 - present
last relaxer: march 2007
big chop: october 2007
length: shoulder length w/ long bangs you tuck behind the ears (when pressed)
routine: curly girl no poo routine
products: conditioner wash daily & apply olive oil on scalp, deep condition weekly and apply olive oil on scalp and shea butter on ends .... shampoo & salon treatment every 4 months
trims: every 4 months