I am now a convert to this "miracle" stuff... I had been having scalp issues (itchy/flaky/acne/sores/scabs - yuck, not pretty) and had read that jojoba oil was the closest to matching our regular scalp oils and a great treatment. For the past couple of weeks I've been mixing about 15 drops of jojoba oil with about 7-8 drops of tea tree oil in a very small glass dish and have used my fingertips to massage it into my scalp after my morning shower. My scalp has completely healed...AMEN... Plus it makes my hair more shiny (not greasy looking) and less frizzy throughout the day...

Even better, I've been using the leftovers on my face instead of my regular moisturizer (also read it is great for skin, even skin with acne), and that has done wonders for my face as well...much less breakouts, plenty of moisture, and a decrease in the excess oil I used to produce! Woo-hoo...

And the third change I've noticed is that my fingernails are also actually growing (instead of being their usual splitting/peeling selves), and I believe this is due to using my fingertips to massage the blend into my scalp (and me massaging the oils into my cuticles)!!!!!

Hands down (pun intended), jojoba oil is the one multi-purpose beauty essential that I could not possibly be without ever again!!!!!
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