i wouldnt know any help with salons in your area but my niece had the japanese straightening done way back in Nov, she has really curly hair and wanted a change . with me i would stay away from the whole straightening thing.. i use to just get a relaxer that just left me with a wave cuz i didnt want too much damage and the relaxer was less than 20 minutes , but i was surprised i never did get any damage..but now i havent relaxed in years!. since it was my friends salon that i go too 4 curly cuts i only got charge $120 for my niece. thats cheap compared to $400-$500! .. my nieces hair came out bone straight , i didnt see any damage from it and it did take about 3 hrs to do but my friend have done japanese straightening for years so she knew what she was doing and i knew my niece was in good hands..right now her hair is wavy if she doesnt blow dry it straight but i notice pretty good wave comin from her roots, my friend said it last for about 9-12 months and it still looks good.. i dunno if she would have it done again..she likes her hair still now..just be careful who u do go too and do get a consultation beforehand , u dont want really damaged hair from it cuz i have heard a few horror stories from curlies who have gotten it done and regreted it afterwards!
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