I would recommend CO washing less, if you can get away with it. Although conditioner can be soothing to your scalp, like lotion can be for dry hands...you don't leave conditioner in the scalp. Conditioner should be rinsed off thoroughly to avoid build up issues. Many people leave some conditioner in their hair, but it should really only be on the length of the hair, not the scalp.
If you CO wash your hair less, it gives your natural oils a chance to start moisturizing your scalp.
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So if you CO wash less, let's say twice a week can you wet your hair in between to style your curls? (My curls are just not the same after I've been sleeping on them all night and my hair is too short to pineapple)
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Yes of course. You can either smooth water on, scrunch in water (I personally do this but I use product as well, a mix of half water half aloe), or get in the shower and water wash (same idea as cowashing, scrub scalp well, but without conditioner on the scalp. With water washing, you can use a conditioner on the length of the hair. If you water wash, you basically start over styling wise)
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I can usually refresh with 50/50 aloe/water, too. I seldom have to actually water wash unless my hair's just really in messed-up, poorly-curling shape. The aloe water reactivates curls and product so that it often looks better than it did when first washed. I can go 2-4 days this way usually.
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