I second whomever recommended Relpax. I love that stuff. It has saved me. It's expensive on my insurance but since my migraines are hormonal I only need 1 per month. I usually take one and then go to bed with a heat pack on my head (ice does not help, the pain radiates through my sinuses and the heat soothes those) and I wake up 100% better so the scrip lasts me about 6 months.

From reading the fioricet label its pretty much extra strength Excedrin. I think it's caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen. Not good if caffeine is a trigger for you. That was proscribed to me by my gyno and it did not work. When I talked to my primary doc he just looked at me and asked if I'd like some real migraine meds. He knows me well and knows if I'm asking for pain meds I am really in pain.

My mom has heinous ones caused by caffeine and chocolate. Just 1 little chocolate chip will send her into a multi-day migraine. Though dutch cocoa is safe for her. It's cocoa that is processed with alkali which does something to render it safe for her. She can't have large amounts still but it's something.

In addition to keeping a food diary you should also have her start charting how she feels before one comes on. Then she'll start to recognize clearly when one is coming on so you can catch it early. It took me a little while to connect the tension in my good shoulder with a migraine. Now when I feel the knot coming I can take evasive maneuvers! I hate that knot. No amount of massaging will release it. I had my dad dig into it one day and he was like "it just keeps pushing back!"