I used some for the first time just last night. I had forgotten I got some from KBB and came across it in my stash. My hair was dirty and was going to have to be washed this morning anyway, so I put maybe a total of 10 drops on mine. I was really surprised at how well it had absorbed into my hair this morning. I'm going to have to try that regularly. I had been using coconut oil occasionally, but it seemed to just sit on my hair and not soak in, plus it made it too soft even after low-pooing. The jojoba didn't do that. I'll have to try massaging it into my scalp next time since I have scalp 'issues', too. Will try it with tea tree oil, too. Thanks for this tip!
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Using Jojoba oil will definitely bring back the shine, luster, and natural beauty of your hair in an inexpensive and natural way. Have you ever combined with emu oil and primrose oil? I have found this combination to be an amazing healing hair oil.
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