Since my hair was breaking so much after the LK treatment I needed a rescue. I started babying my hair with some natural ingredients. But was obsessing over that new sealed box of the LK Treatment my hubby purchased for me to make me happy, and the good reviews I am reading here.This is a Love and Hate relationship...

I am not a hair professional, but I take time to study my hair and how to improve it (that is how I found your products) so I wrote down all the signs and symptoms of my hair. After intense online research and phone research I determined it might have been the following elements that affected my treatment results:

1. Hair porosity
2. PH balance

My friend had the same awful results I had and we both color our hair to lighter colors than our natural, my friend takes birth control pills, I take a pill to adjust my hormonal balance...all this affect our PH balance. During summer I go a lot to the pool, and lay under the sun, so you know the hair abuse I had done.

Then, I came across a wonderful site mentioning how wonderful Vinegar Rinses are to your hair, and its benefits. It balances the PH, seal the hair cuticle, and remove all build up; this sounded like a perfect solution for our hair problems, and a good way to prepare our hair for the treatment. (my hair was already damaged so what the heck, let me take a plunge again)

So I did the Following:
  • I deposoited hair color since my hair was orange, I opt for an Ash Brown to tone down the Orange.
  • After Coloring my hair I did a Vinegar Rinse, I applied Vinegar on my hair and left it on for 15 minutes.
While detangling my hair, I noticed a change on the hair, it was easier to detangle.
  • Then opened up a new box of the treatment and applied as directed. Only this time I roller set the hair under a hooded hair drier, to avoid the hair pulling from the blow drier's hair brush.
  • As soon as my hair was dried and removed the rollers, I could not believe the difference, even the texture has changed to a very strong one. I could run my fingers through hair and NO HAIR BREAKAGE!
  • Then I flat Ironed my hair to melt that treatment on my hair (used medium heat)
I went out to enjoy a sunny afternoon, came home, my hair was looking perfect! Not like the last 2 treatments I did, that within an hour my hair was a Straw Like Mess and falling apart.

This morning my hair still looks amazing, and not breaking apart like it did. It has a lot of body. (I think skipping the Blow Drying has a lot to do with it.) Roller setting will be more gentle to the ends and the hair shafts, skipping that pulling and hair stress.

Balancing the PH, sealing the cuticle, adjusting that porosity help my hair absorb and retain the treatment better. So now I am suggesting all my friends to do a Vinegar rinse before applying it, I think this will help the treatment to be absorbed and retained better.
I will post photos later today, after I come back from doing errands. I am keeping my hair under close observation, and will report to you later.

REMEMBER: Not all heads are the same, some of us have to tweak things a little.

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