Wow - even StruttsWife is trying out my humble recipe??? Here's hoping it holds up!!

sexyjacksparrow, I use probably two ounces when I want to really load it on, and that's honestly what gives me the best hair ever. Of course, my hair is down to my tailbone and thicker than snot, so you may need less than I do. But don't be shy at all - I swear it's practically impossible for your hair to get weighed down by FSG.

For me, I make sure my hair is saturated from root to tip and well-scrunched for good clumps and curls, and then I plop until it's as dry as possible (maybe I can pull this off because of my length - not sure!). When I take it down, if it's still damp at the roots, I pixiecurl until as close to 100% as I can manage, and then let it finish air drying before I SOTC. If I used enough FSG or Gelee, my hair is unbelievably soft and curly and full of movement (DH and my little CG both have a hard time keeping their hands out! *lol*). If I didn't quite use enough, I can see where I missed (it looks different - not dry, per se, but drier than the rest), and I can gently scrunch in a little more FSG and pixiecurl again. I've just learned that it's much easier and more foolproof to use more than you think you need than it is to try and fix mistakes from underapplication later!
BSL/Mid Back, thick 3a/b

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