I washed my hair for the second time after the treatment and I'm still extremely satisfied with my results. I was really scared to wash my hair b/c I thought that the treatment would be washed out and I wouldn't love my hair as much. Fortunately, it looks the same as after my first hair wash. Note that I did use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in that came in the box with the treatment.

For those who are having problems with the product, I think it's important to follow the directions exactly and use a flat iron that gives off significant heat. While applying the treatment I used 450 degrees, but after my second hair wash I only used 320 degrees.

Here are some complaints that I do have about the product, however, I still highly recommend it. The pros outweigh the cons, at least they do for me. I'm not exactly in love with the smell of the treatment, shampoos, etc. Also, I barely have any shampoo left and am trying to figure out if I should buy the shampoo or try to find a shampoo w/o NaCl. The shampoo and conditioner are over priced, especially since you have to pay $69 for the treatment. I believe you only get around 6 oz for $27. So if you get both shampoo and conditioner that's $54, plus the $69 you spent on the treatment that is a total of $123. I really wish the maintenance of the treatment would be less expensive. I know I could try to find a NaCl-free shampoo, but I'm also scared it wouldn't work as well as the shampoo, etc that comes with the treatment. My other complaint/observation is that I'm not sure if my hair is any less curly than it was before w/o blow drying and flat ironing. I haven't let it air dry but it still looks as curly as it did before the treatment when it is wet. (I rarely wear my hair curly, so this is not a huge issue for me). However, after blow dry and pretty quick flat iron my hair is stick straight and looks good. Having said that, I also have a pretty expensive flat iron so I'm sure that helps with the straightening of my hair.

The pros are that my hair definitely feels smoother. I like to touch it now and I don't have to add any extra products to it to make it shiny. The LK stuff does the job. Before I had to use Kerastase oleo relax to make my hair look decent after flat ironing. I will continue to use Liquid Keratin b/c my hair looks way healthier than before and feels better when I touch it. For example, I don't notice my split ends as much, way less fly aways on the top part of my hair, hair looks shinier and has no frizz. I really like this product b/c it works for my hair. Every one has different hair so good luck and if you try it I hope it works for you too!