I admit it does bother me at times, mainly when someone with almost straight hair complains about their " unruly really curly hair" or compares their hair to mine and I'm thinking to myself ' you have no idea'

What bothers me more is in magazines when they talk about Curly hair and you see a picture of some actress or singer who has straight hair that has been curled using an iron, so it has loose waves and they bang on about how lovely their curly hair is but you hardly ever see pictures of someone with real curly hair (I'm talking 3b and above)
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YES. Biggest pet peeve of my life. I know I shouldn't be so bothered by it, but everytime I read a magazine and they have hairstyles for "curly" hair, I get so aggravated when it's a picture of a celeb with obviously CURLED hair. And I feel the need to point it out to anyone who happens to be around meat the time. My friends are pretty tired of hearing it, I think.
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