Ok- I need you advice. Obviously this is difficult if you can't actually see my hair, but I'll describe it.

I's virgin hair - never coloured, straightened, chemically processed etc. I do use an ionic hair dryer diffuser. When I was much younger it was straight, then it went bushy then curly. Since it went bushy, it's been majorly frizzy (every hairdresser I've been to say they've never seen anything like it ). It's sort of fluffy, and I've never managed to control it. The best I get is if I use a petrolatum-based product (some sort of hair texturising wax/gum) and wear it in a pony tail. This is what I do most days.

I tried CG routine. It didn't work. However, when I shampoo my hair is still frizzy and it looks damaged, although I don't see how it can be. I deep condition once every one or two weeks. I use a leave-in conditioner every day and I condition regularly every day. My hair is 2b/3a.

What do you think- is it over or under conditioned?