You know, it varies for me. In one sense, I consider anyone from 2a to 4b to be in the curly family.

But, it does feel weird, mostly IRL, to hear a 2a or 2b complain about having very curly hair or unruly curls because when compared to me, their hair is more wavy.

But the reverse holds true as well. I'd feel weird complaining about how curly my hair is to a type 4, when she'd probably be wondering why someone with a relatively loose curl pattern (compared to her) would be complaining about tight curls.

The only time it bothers me here is when someone asks for typing help, and they refuse to believe the 15 posters who told them one type, insisting that it is really something else.
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This is what bothers me. I have a friend who insists that her is hair is soooo curly and she complains about how puffy it gets when she combs it, which im sorry, does not compare to the puffiness of an afro. She even asked me "Don't you like how curly my hair gets?" And I was thinking " Chick are you blind, my curls could kick your curls' but any day!" I think she immediately knew how stupid her comment was after she saw the look on my face because she went silent. It sounds juvenile, but it urks me when people try to exaggerate something that really isn't there. Okay, I am done