Hi my name is sheena I have a 4b hair type. I have a two year old girl. She has my hair type also. I see what you are saying she has a lot of shrinkage. What i do for my daughter is after I wash her hair I towel dry it, then put a very light oil moisturizer, like jojoba oil 100% natural,and do gentle cornrows about 6-8 whatever works for your daughter's hair, the cornrows need to be lock closly, but gentle enough not to hurt. The hair doesn't have to be completly dry, but it shouldn't be dripping wet. You can put some light cream moisturizer like Eden Body works milk works well, but you can use any light moisturizer. Put the cream in before braiding, after braiding let it air dry for about 5hrs. To remove braids make sure the loosen the braid carefully so you have some loose curls, then you can style her hair in curly puffs, sections of 4 whatever you like. Please let my know how it works for her. ever evening after school put the braids back in with a light hair milk and it should last for as long as you like. she will not have very straight hair, but it will have lenghth and shine. I suggest to use shampoos and conditioners without parabens and synthetic ingredients. Eden Body works has a great line. Organics has a nice line if you are looking for gentle shampoos that won't dry hair fragile curls, but promotes strength and moisture.

God Bless you and Family

My 4 year old is a 4b and she has soft hair but it shrinks to about 75%.I am currently using ORGANIC Root Stimulator OLIVE OIL Hair Lotion and have used coconut oil, blended beauty butter but the products soften, ease friz but still shrinks. I always wrap her hair in ponytails but she seem to be hating this since she is now going to school. When I left her hair loose one day with a band she said almost all the children in her class (99% white) were touching her hair (she started a few weeks ago). I have since noticed that this has left my little girl a bit frustrated and has constantly said she once long hair. Previously at the day nursery she told me one day when I was doing her hair and she was looking at the mirror that another child in nursery had called her a guerilla. What can i do to help my little daughter? Also I need advise about products I can use to help with hair shrinkage which also a problem with my 4b hair - by the way I am in England in the UK.
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My heart goes out to your daughter who had to endure the most ignorant comment I have ever heard from a kid's mouth about hair and appearance.

We live near a lot of families from India, and even their two year old daughters have hella thick and long straight hair. My daughters have long hair, but thin strands. So, I get a lot of "why doesn't my hair look that big or straight." I just do a lot of things that encourage them to love their hair and their different cultures. My fam is very multicutural but most of us are black. So, I have my kids around my family a lot so they can be with kids who have curly hair and skin color like mine. I also let the get to know of how I take care of my hair since I'm 100% natural. They can feel the texture, learn about the products, and get to know my styles. That has helped my girls a lot since they realize they can do a lot with their hair from wearing my styles to the type of ponytails they see their white and asian counterparts wearing if I do a braid/twist out or leave a conditioenr in to protect and define their curls.

They also take in a lot of programs where there are many different races. That helped a lot when we lived in a very snobbish area where we were the only black/biracial family within sight. Only other minority family near us was an Asian family with one kid. Needless to say, my kids didn't see anyone who looked like them at the b-day parties, playdates and parent-child groups. So, I drove across town to a YMCA in a more multicutural neighborhood for them to take classes like ballet instead of the ballet classes offered in our area. Maybe doing something like that can help your daughter embrace her beauty.

I agree with all the other ladies about styles and products and ways to get your daughter to enjoy her hair.
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