I think I'm going to have to play around with it a bit more since I had the same issues with my second try as my first On Saturday, I had to scrunch a bunch of Set It Free! into my hair and then use some hair spray (ugh!) to calm my hair back down by mid-morning.

I need to make one thing clear because I do think the FSG is some GREAT stuff: as a hairdresser, I labor under really brutal conditions for the typical curly girl. My head is over steamy water shampoo sinks and around hot blow-dryers, etc. for hours at a time...not the type of environment most curly girls live in (unless you are outside 24/7 in Florida in July).

Because of that, I typically have to use a ton more products in my hair when I am Tiffany the Hairdresser as opposed to when I am Tiffany the Home Girl...so, in retrospect, I don't know that it is quite fair to test the FSG under my work conditions only.

Keep it rocking, girls...I am thrilled this is working for so many of you
- Tiffany
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