Awww Sugar Plum that sucks. I'm sure Boots will stock something that DOES work though! What products are you using at the moment...?

I agree about the old Charles Worthington range being a bit pants but the new Q&A FRIZZ range seems to be really good, especially for this time of year.

You should defo change the shampoo and condish your using to more moisturising products and then just find a better curl defining/holding product. Like I said, try some mousse or a gel like Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly, Fudge Skrewd or the Citre Shine curl enhancer jelly. Wax can just be too heavy for curly hair and it ends up making it greasy and limp whilst not actually doing much for your curls. When I was at school, other than having some of the worst hair IMAGINABLE (curly mullet anyone?) I used a coconut wax on my hair and it was...well, minging! Makes me shudder just thinking about it and I have real trouble with anything coconut scented now!

Hang in there!