so i whipped up a batch of the standard FSG (no additions except some grapeseed oil) this morning. actually i had to make two because i let the first one go too long and it wouldn't strain, yikes! round two came out perfectly--like egg whites in a bottle, with a golden hint. so far so good.

co-washed and used a rinse-out that doesn't usually require a leave-in after, since BB had recommended using this without a leave-in as it's pretty moisturizing. i decided to try it alone as a styler, just to see what it does on its own. when i went to rake it through, though, it made my hair squeak!

i quickly added a bit of my creamiest leave-in (bioinfusion) and the squeaking mostly stopped. but i was just wondering if anyone else has had that happen? if so (or even if not, if you have an idea) do you know what that's about?

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