As far as amounts go-I put a "nickel size" amount in 4 sections of my hair (it's up to my BSL) for even distribution of the gel. What has been you ladies experiences with adding honey to the FSG? that will be my next kitchen concoction I suppose! The attached pic is my hair 8 hours after putting the gel on--no wet-look, or crunch-just how I like it!
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No: heating tools, sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash: Suave naturals (coconut and ocean breeze) Acct baking soda to clarify as needed
DC: olive or almond oil with EO rosemary
Style: Homemade flaxseed gel with aloe vera juice, epsom salt, and EO rosemary and lavender. Exploring various conditioners to use with the tightly curly method
Want to try: adding different EO's to HFSG, growing out hair
Always ISO: natural remedies for 3b curls!