...I decided to try it alone as a styler, just to see what it does on its own. when i went to rake it through, though, it made my hair squeak!

i quickly added a bit of my creamiest leave-in (bioinfusion) and the squeaking mostly stopped. but i was just wondering if anyone else has had that happen? if so (or even if not, if you have an idea) do you know what that's about?...
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I have that happen too. I can't use this without a leave-in and have tried twice with no luck. But I can use my co-wash as a leave-in. I have no idea why this would happen though.

As far as amounts go-I put a "nickel size" amount in 4 sections of my hair (it's up to my BSL) for even distribution of the gel. What has been you ladies experiences with adding honey to the FSG? that will be my next kitchen concoction I suppose! The attached pic is my hair 8 hours after putting the gel on--no wet-look, or crunch-just how I like it!
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I LOVE honey in this stuff. I used to use honey in a rinse I learned from DEL2C but had to stop when the dew point got low. However I've been putting about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in my FSG and my hair loves it. I get great hold and don't have to use any other gel over the FSG. I hope this stuff works for me for summer too.
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