Should people with kinky hair also refrain from calling their hair curly?

I'm not trying to be (too) snarky, but 'curly' is kind of an all purpose word sometimes when talking about hair that isn't straight. It doesn't put anyone down or anything.
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Yes, to answer your question. is the only place where I have heard of kinky (afro textured) hair consistently referred to as 'curly'. There is 'afro textured' hair that is curly, but the term does not encompass all afro textured hair that can range from curly, to coily, to no definition at all. I think women on this site with both kinky and wavy hair feel comfortable referring to their hair as 'curly' because the site is We all find common ground in that term since, as you mentioned, it can refer to all hair that is not straight, which is the focus of the site. However, it could influence the way someone perceives their hair and their hair expectations. For example:

One woman may feel that her hair is unmanageable because it is curly, when her hair is actually straight with slight waves. The culprit could be the products that she uses, her haircut, or her styling technique, not the curliness that she thinks her hair possesses.

Or a woman may become obsessed with defining and elongating her 'curl' when her hair will never easily define or elongate because it is actually tightly coiled or cottony (kinky) hair. She has a false expectation that it will curl because that is what non-straight hair is supposed to do, right.

All of these things in consideration, it is ultimately up to a person how they will define their hair, and we can have our own ideas on what it truly is. Who decides what is wavy, kinky, or curly? Is the discussion even necessary (for those of you thinking of starting a thread ) ?
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